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  • Dispatcher for eBay uses eBay csv download(s) from seller hub to create two clever excel worksheets. These spreadsheets enable production line style Pick, Pack and Post. A 1 year subscription to updates applies. The $1 trial version outputs plain address labels and a plain alphabetical list of SKUs and quantities. 


1. Order Pick List

  • All stock SKUs, titles, images and remaining stock are listed so that a complete pick list can be printed and stock collected from the warehouse in alphabetical order. It also tells you which items belong together in the same order so they can be placed together as you pick.
  • Note: to include images in the pick list we have instructions on how you can obtain all of your image URLs automatically (non trial version).  

Dispatcher for eBay - Order Pick List


2. Address Label Creation

  • We provide a quick and streamlined method of creating all of your address labels (currently up to 300 at a time) that can be printed at the push of a button. Your label printer can be set to cut each label automatically so that they only need to be peeled and applied. The labels include the buyer's name, address, phone number, the word "Express" if they paid for express, SKU numbers, quantities of each SKU, the remaining stock and customisable information you wish to display (e.g. website URL, discount codes). There is a one-click print button (beta).
  • The row heights and column widths are set up to print labels on a 62mm label printer. The width is set at just 80mm, saving valuable labels. We can assist if you wish to use a different sized label printer - you may need to set the zoom with a few trial prints.
  • The spreadsheet contains clear step by step instructions, tips for easier use of Excel and a list of suitable inexpensive label printers.
  • Critical updates will be issued for a period of 1 year, as eBay adjusts their spreadsheets.

 eBay Dispatcher Spreadsheets - Address Creation


3. Download All eBay Images in Full Resolution (Beta mode)

  • We provided methods of downloading full resolution images to your hard drive. This may take a few steps, varying in complexity depending on the method chosen. There is one easier method provided which may require downloading in batches. Methods provided on full version or "pick list only" plans.


Main Advantages of this software

  • The combination of pick list and address label creator enables a production-line style of warehouse dispatch, or PPP (pick, pack and post). 
  • It is very helpful to check your remaining stock count on both the pick list and label, as eBay penalises sellers when they sell out of stock items.


    Points of Note / Limitations

    1. Only tested for use with Australian eBay. Not yet tested for other eBay sites.
    2. On first use it is recommended that you do test prints and adjust print settings as specified in the instructions. One or two settings may change when reopening Excel. The macros for the print buttons may need to be adjusted if anything is changed in the spreadsheet or a different sized label printer is used.
    3. Very long addresses may need the font size reduced by either 1 or 2 points to make them fit.
    4. The SKU line is appended with "etc." if not all of them fit. Up to 4 SKUs only are added to the label at this stage. We endeavour to add an extra line for SKU numbers to fit (since the recent addition of remaining stock quantity to labels).
    5. This spreadsheet uses macros for the use of clickable buttons in automated processes. You need to allow macros in Excel.
    6. A one year period applies for the subscription of critical updates, upon which time the spreadsheet may need to be repurchased as eBay regularly adjusts their data outputs.
    7. The spreadsheet is locked for editing, however customisation can be done at an hourly rate, or for free if the feature is within the scheme of our planned updates.
    8. Please send us improvement/addition recommendations.



      • Some Microsoft Excel experience is necessary.


        Legal Information

        • No part of the spreadsheet or contents within, or neither the spreadsheet in its entirety may be shared or distributed to a third party. The producer, Asia Sell Pty Ltd, has full and sole rights to the distribution or sharing of this software.
        • 1 User's Usage Rights on 1 computer.


        After placing your order

        • After you have placed your order, the spreadsheet will be emailed to you within 3 days.
        • After sales service is provided.


        Please click here to go to the product page to begin a trial of Dispatcher for eBay. The link opens in a new window.

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