Collection: DIY Fashion Accessories

This collection offers a wide range of DIY sewing and crafting supplies, perfect for those who love to create their own clothing, accessories, and jewelry. It includes a variety of eyelets, rivets, metal buttons, safety pins, and gourd pins in different sizes and colors. These metal clips and buttons are perfect for adding a stylish and functional touch to your clothing, bags, and shoes. Additionally, the collection features crystal beads, rhinestones, and sequins to add sparkle and glamor to your DIY projects.

The collection also includes various clothing labels and tags made of faux leather or plastic, featuring texts such as "Handmade with Love," garment sizes, and "Handmade" labels. These labels are perfect for adding a personal touch to your DIY clothing and accessories and to show off your handmade creations. The hair bows and bowties made of grosgrain ribbon are also perfect for creating cute and fashionable accessories for babies and kids.

For those who love to experiment with different textures, the collection offers horn toggle buttons made of wood, elastic ribbon in gold color, and plastic zippers in black and white. These items are perfect for adding a unique touch to your clothing and accessories. Moreover, the lion brooch and rhinestone buttons are perfect for adding a decorative embellishment to your jackets, blazers, and other clothing items.

Overall, this collection offers a variety of sewing and crafting supplies suitable for various DIY projects. Whether you are an experienced seamstress or just starting to explore your creativity, this collection has everything you need to create unique and stylish clothing, accessories, and jewelry.