Collection: Heat Shrink Tubing (30+)

The collection consists of a wide variety of predominantly PVC heat shrink tubing and sleeves designed for 18650 batteries. These products come in lengths ranging from 30cm to 20m and diameters ranging from 1mm to 520mm, making them suitable for various battery and battery pack sizes and a plethora of outdoor uses to take advantage of their waterproof quality. There are individual lengths as well as heat shrink kits in different sizes, which provide an assortment of heat shrink tubes in different sizes and colors. Most times we can cut to the combined length that you purchase.

Blue and green, clear or transparent heat shrink comes in often the rull range of lengths and diameters, whereas grey, red and other colors come in certain select sizes. With this collection, you can find a wide range of heat shrink tubes and sleeves for all your 18650 battery and other needs.

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