Collection: Key Rings and Chains (60+)

Location of Items: Cairns. Same Day Combined Postage. Rock bottom prices. 

The practicality of knowing which key is which and how to find it on your bunch of keys is an important task to get right and can be a big time saver when you are busy and can ensure that you don't get locked out of your house, office, car, gate or letterbox.

Having a lobster clasp on your keyring can enable easy detachment of a portion of your keys for when you only need a few keys like when you are going mountain biking or jet skiing. Furthermore, using multiple keyrings can help to separate similar keys. Having a chain can spatially separate keys and make them easier to insert into the keyhole. Lanyards are also a great addition for oft-used keys. Stainless steel twisted wire screw clamp carabiners are very convenient due to their flexibility allowing them to fit snug in the shorts pocket and with the large diameter to keep space between a large number of keys.

Your key bunch might as well have some flair as well, hence the wide variety of different colours such as gold, bronze, rhodium, silver, copper, KC gold, rose gold, black, gun metal black and the colour changing aurora. 

We also stock couples keyrings and novelty keyrings. A small token of romance or humour can go a long way and many small tokens can go even further. They can even brighten up your day, for example you pull a llama out of your pocket not only amuses oneself and possibly others, but also helps you to spot your keys. Carrying around a guitar or musical note keychain can provide talking points and may also remind you to pick up that guitar again in the near future!

Keyrings of around 12mm are for one or two small keys and the sizes go up to 35mm. These are all double loop. Small keyrings in the 4mm to 12mm size are typically used for fashion and crafts. These can be single loop if strength is not an issue. Single loops go approximately 1.5 times around.