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  • eBay PPP extracts data from the orders csv and cleverly creates two excel worksheets that serve the 2 functions described below. The 2 spreadsheets can be bought together or individually. This software enables production line style Pick, Pack and Post.

1. Address Label Creation

  • Months of development into this spreadsheet has ensured an instant method of creating all of the day's address labels that can be checked over and then printed simultaneously. Your label printer can be set to cut each label automatically so that they only need to be peeled and applied. The labels include the buyer's name, address, phone number, SKU numbers, quantity of each SKU, express postage paid (if applicable) and any manual fields you wish to display, such as a your website URL. It takes care of most of the address spacing and other issues that customers often submit with their orders. The spreadsheet is set up to print labels on a 62mm label printer. The width is set at just 80mm, saving valuable labels.
  • The spreadsheet contains step by step instructions, tips for easier use of Excel and a list of suitable inexpensive label printers.

2. Order Pick List

  • A new addition to this software is a pick list that can be printed on A4 pages that lists all of the stock to be picked to complete the orders. This is in alphabetical order according to your SKU numbers which means you can collect all of your stock from one end of the warehouse, working your way to the other end. It also tells you which items belong together in the same order so they can be placed together as you collect.
  • Note: to include images in the pick list we can provide you a method of obtaining all of your image URLs. You then place them next to your SKUs in a worksheet and the pick list worksheet will download the images in a reduced resolution format and place them in the pick list.

Advantages of this software

  • This combination enables a production-line style of warehouse pick, pack and post.


    Points of note / limitations

    1. On first use and in case printer settings change it is recommended that you do test prints of 1 label at a time and adjust page widths or text size if necessary.
    2. Very long addresses may need the font size reduced by either 1 or 2 points to make it fit. There are up arrow and down arrow buttons to press so it is very quick.
    3. The SKU line is appended with "etc." if not all of them fit. Up to 4 SKUs only are added to the label at this stage.
    4. Changing any cells (even ones that appear blank) in column B is likely to affect the spreadsheet. Make a backup before editing.
    5. This spreadsheet uses macros for your use of clickable buttons and was created on a computer with the best antivirus protection.
    6. Customisation can be done at an hourly rate.
    7. Please send us improvement recommendations.


      • Some Microsoft Excel experience is necessary.
      • There may not be improvements made or future versions of the spreadsheet.

        Legal Information

        • No part of the spreadsheet or contents within, or neither the spreadsheet in its entirety may be shared or distributed to a third party. The producer, Asia Sell Pty Ltd, has full and sole rights to the distribution or sharing of this software. The software may be edited for own personal or business use.
        • 1 User's Usage Rights on 1 computer.


        After placing your order

        • After you have placed your order, the spreadsheet will be emailed to you.
        • Some after sales service is provided.

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