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  • 0.5M Pvc 420Mm Heat Shrink Tubing Tube 18650 Battery Heatshrink
  • 0.5M Pvc 420Mm 450Mm 480Mm 500Mm Heat Shrink Tubing Tube 18650 Battery Heatshrink
  • 0.5M Pvc 420Mm 450Mm 480Mm 500Mm Heat Shrink Tubing Tube 18650 Battery Heatshrink
  • 0.5M Pvc 420Mm 450Mm 480Mm 500Mm Heat Shrink Tubing Tube 18650 Battery Heatshrink
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0.5m PVC 420mm Heat Shrink Tubing Tube 18650 Battery Heatshrink

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  • 0.5 metres.
  • 0.5m 420mm PVC heat shrink tubing Shrink tube 18650 battery shrink sleeve Insulation casing heat shrink.
  • The measurement is for FLAT WIDTH (see how to convert below for diameter).
  • Applications: battery pack, rope covering, creepy crawly covering etc.
  • PVC heat shrink is much thinner than polyolefin heatshrink.
  • Smooth surface, uniform thickness, no obvious spots, no traces of oil, impurities, folding.
  • Proportion: 1.36.
  • Heat shrinkage: Tested at 100C, horizontal shrinkage of 48  3%, vertical 12  3% can be close to the product.
  • Shrinkable heat shrinkable machine can also be used hair dryer, water shrinkage.
  • Flexibility: After the package shrinks, it will not crack on cement surface three times in different directions from vertical and horizontal from 1 meter height.
  • Tensile: Less than 2%.
  • Water absorption: 0.5%
  • Natural Shrinkage: 0.5% at 30C
  • Resistivity: 1015 / cm3 (relative humidity 65% at room temperature).
  • Electrical performance
  • Single-layer thickness breakdown voltage breakdown time
  • 0.07 ~ 0.09 6KV & decDC10
  • 0.10 ~ 0.14 8KV & decDC10
  • 0.15 ~ 0.20 10KV & decDC10

    Product applications:

    • Widely used in all kinds of commodities such as wine, food, sporting goods, disinfecting tableware, electric appliance, daily necessities, handicrafts, building materials, audio and video products, medicines, stationery, toys, portals, plastic hardware, glass ceramics, packaging, and so on.
    • Appearance is clean and smooth, improves product packaging grade, protects from dust, flowers and other protective effect is the ideal film packaging material.
    • Bottle packaging: Food and medicine bottle anti-corrosion, anti-leak sealing, such as: cosmetics nozzle, soy sauce bottle, wine bottle mouth, glass bottles and plastic bottle mouth packaging, gas bottle switch package, five gallons of mineral water bottle Packaging and so on.
    • Insulating packaging for electrolysis fuses, batteries, lighting, inductors, metal steel pipes, wire and cable joints, etc., with the features of anti-corrosion, dustproof, acid/alkali-proof, colourful, smooth surface, low price and good insulation properties.

      How to choose the size

      • An exampleThe circumference of the end of your battery pack is 70x2+90x2 = 360mm. A width of 200mm of heat shrink refers to its flat width, which means a circumference of 400mm. This should easily fit over the end of the battery pack. Make a string 400mm long and see how that fits around it.
      • If you want to convert flat width to round width, multiply flat width by 2/pi.
      • If you have a battery pack to cover that is say 10cm x 15cm rectangular, you can paste the following into Google...pi*sqrt((10/2)^2+(15/2)^2)). This gives a flat width that you need of 28 cm (280mm). So, simply replace 10 and 15 in the formula with your width and height and paste into Google. This formula will calculate the rectangle to exactly fit within the round shape of the end of the tube (corners of rectangle touching the circular end of the heat shrink). This means that slightly smaller should be okay because you can manipulate the shape of the heat shrink (make it more like a rectangular shape to get it over the battery pack). You can use much larger heat shrink because of the large shrinkage ratio of PVC heat shrink. Slowly apply heat due to the low melting temperature of PVC.

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