10g Paint Pigment Dye Fluorescent BLUE Luminous Glow in the Dark Powder

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    • 10g Blue.
    • Paint Pigment Dye Fluorescent BLUE Luminous Glow in the Dark Powder Nails.
    • In preparing these photos, the powders were left outside for just 1-2 minutes in the late afternoon on an overcast day (not taken out of packets). To take the photos the room was partially lit from outside. A slight glow was also visible when the powders were outside. These all glow very brightly. The colours may not appear exactly the same as in the picture..
    • Can use with nail polish.
    • Can mix with epoxy or gloss paint for creating a nice effect.
    • Could put in a clear bottle to use as a small night light. It could make enough to light up the area on your bedside table for example.
    • For maximum brightness, we also sell UV LEDs that you can hook up to a battery pack and breadboard, both of which we also sell.
    • Long and good exposure to ordinary light should produce a nice glow when the lights are turned off.
    • Light from mobile screen may not suffice. Lights must be off for glow to be effective.


      • It is recommended to directly add to varnish, epoxy, paint, glue, nail polish, water, as long as the material is transparent/translucent. After mixing evenly, you can use it as a coating. The amount of the light-emitting pigment can be selected according to the light emission luminance and the light emission time. Recommended ratio of 15-50% (weight ratio), 30% is the ideal ratio.

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