10x 14G 15G 16G 18G 19G 20G 21G 23G 25G 27G Dispensing Needle Tips S/S Glue Dispenser Needles 0.5" Tubing Length

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  • 100 pieces (choose colour above).
  • Dispensing Needles Tips for Liquid Dispenser Non-Sterile Syringe.
  • Material: stainless steel + plastic.
  • Colours: Transparent, white, pink, grey, aqua, yellow, green, black, blue, purple, orange.
  • Gauges/Widths: 14G 15G 16G 18G 19G 20G 21G 23G 25G 27G.
  • Not to be used for hypodermic injection.
  • Non-sterile and it is not for medical use.
  • For industrial use only.

Gauge / Size Inside Outside Colour
14G Not measured Not measured Dark Green
15G Not measured Not measured Dark Orange
16G 1.32mm 1.60mm Transparent
18G 0.90mm 1.20mm Pink
19G 0.84mm 1.08mm White
20G 0.62mm 0.90mm Yellow
21G 0.51mm 0.82mm Green/Aqua
22G 0.41mm 0.73mm Black
23G 0.33mm 0.63mm Blue
24G 0.30mm 0.55mm Purple
25G 0.25mm 0.51mm Light Orange
27G 0.21mm 0.40mm Grey

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