Plug-in Buzzer Beep Alarm Speaker For PC Internal BIOS Computer Motherboard Case

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  • 2 or 10pcs (choose above).
  • Mini Plug Buzzer Beep Alarm Speaker For PC Internal BIOS Computer Motherboard Case.
  • Applications: Power on the computer, we will hear the familiar sound of "beep" a sound, generally indicating that the computer can be used normally.
  • Red is positive, black line is negative (in fact, regardless of the positive and negative, as long as the interface connected to the Speaker can be used).
  • AWARD BIOS beeping general meaning is:
  • 1 short: the system starts properly, which we hear every day, but also that machines without any problems.
  • 2 short: General error, please enter the CMOS Setup, reset the incorrect options.
  • 1 long 1 short: RAM or motherboard error, try for a memory, if that does not work, had to replace the motherboard.
  • 1 long 2 short: Monitor or display card error.
  • 1 long 3 short: Keyboard controller error, check the motherboard.
  • 1 long 9 short: board Flash RAM or EPROM error, BIOS damage. For the block Flash RAM try.
  • Continuous sound (long beeps): memory is not seated or damaged. Re-insert the memory, if that does not work, replace only a memory.
    It kept ringing: power supply, display and graphics card connected.
  • Check all plugs.
  • Repeat short ring: Power problems.
  • No sound No display: power problems.

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