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  • 1M 29-164Mm Transparent Heat Shrink Battery Pvc Tube Heatshrink
  • 5M 29-325Mm Transparent Heat Shrink Battery Pvc Tube Heatshrink 325Mm
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5m 29-330mm Transparent Heat Shrink Battery PVC Tube Heatshrink

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  • 5 metre (size displayed on image).
  • 5M Clear PVC Heat Shrink Tubing 29-325mm Transparent Battery PVC Heat Shrinkable Tube Heatshrink.
  • Note: The "325mm creased" option is heavily folded similar to a double fold. It may make it more difficult to shrink in this region, hence the cheaper price. We will not pay for any return that relates to not knowing about this prior to purchase. eBay acknowledges it is the buyer's responsibility to read the description of all items. Thank you.
  • Note: We also stock other colours of heatshrink, including blue from 30mm to 500mm flat width. We also have orange, red, green, white and yellow.
  • 29-325mm FLAT WIDTH (see how to convert below for diameter or a rectangular/square shape).
  • Applications: battery pack.
  • PVC heat shrink is thinner than polyolefin heatshrink.
  • Sizes available: choose 29/70/75/96/135/145/164/200/250/325mm.
  • Temperature Range: -55~125.
  • Rated Voltage: 600V.
  • Colour: Transparent / Clear.
  • Environmental friendly, insulation, soft and stable performance.
  • Low shrinkage temperature, fast contraction.
  • Application: Used to cover large battery holders or packs, especially lithium batteries.

    How to choose the size

    • You open the end of the heat shrink to go over the object. This means that the circumference of the heat shrink you need should be larger than the object you want to fit over. The measurements you are choosing above are the flat widths of the heat shrink. Since you open the heat shrink then the circumference of the heat shrink is twice the flat width. So if your object is 200mm circumference you need a flat width of 120mm approximately (more than half).
    • If you want to convert flat width to round width, multiply flat width by 2/pi.
    • You can use much larger heat shrink because of the large shrinkage ratio of PVC heat shrink. Slowly apply heat due to the low melting temperature of PVC. Even a hair dryer of reasonable quality is hot enough. If using a flame then keep the flame at a large distance away.


    Flat Width (mm)
    Round Width (mm)
    Circumference (mm)
    29.5 18.8 59

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