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  • Cjmcu-226 Ina226 Iic Interface Bi-Directional Current/power Monitoring Sensor Sensors
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CJMCU-226 INA226 IIC Interface Bi-Directional Current/Power Monitoring Sensor

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  • 1 Piece.
  • CJMCU-226 INA226 IIC Interface Bi-Directional Current/Power Monitoring Sensor.
  • CJMCU-226 supports alarm function of the 36V, bidirectional, high precision, low side and high side power monitor and I2C output current..
  • Voltage flucuation 10 uV (microvolts) maximum.
  • 0.1% maximum gain error.
  • This device is a complete 16-bit single chip solution for the I2C interface current, voltage and powerProvides comprehensive programmable measurementThe INA226 is for servers, computers, telecommunications equipment, power management equipment and test equipment.
  • Design with great advantages it can fully meet the requirements for precise power measurement.
  • Main features and advantages: .
  • With the I2C interface single chip solution to support current, voltage and power measurement.
  • Simplifies the need for an external multiplexer or ADC circuit board design.
  • Industry accuracy, with a modest 0.1% uV maximum offset voltage and maximum gain error.
  • It not only can implement higher precision in low power environment, but can also use a smaller shunt resistor which can reduce power loss.
  • Independent programmable conversion time and sample average technique not only can simplify the speed requirement of each system customisation, but can also reduce the demand for software and storage.
  • 420 uA maximum static current even if INA226 is integrated with ADC and power multiplexer.
  • 140 dB common mode rejection ratio (CMRR) and 36 V common-mode voltage (CMV) within the scope to ensure minimal or no changes of offset voltage, which can simplify the error analysis.

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