D2-1 Line Following Smart Car Kit TT Motor Electronic DIY Kit Set Line Follower

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  • 1 Kit.
  • D2-1 Line Following Smart Car Kit TT Motor Electronic DIY Kit Set Line Follower DIY build.
  • There is a paper included with the kit that has 16 mm wide guidance track. The line following guidance system can follow the black line automatically.
  • Light is emitted from the car and reflects off the white track and less-so off the black line. There is a sensor on the car which detects the signal strength of the reflection and determines whether the car is off-track and automatically corrects to follow the track.
  • You can create your own line around the house.
  • The motor will also slow down so that the car can be stable on the black line. This will turn on the red LED as an indication.
  • 2 motors are included, those of which are typically used with Arduino.
  • To build, simply place the components as per markings on the circuit board and utilise the main image to assist in component placement. There are instructions in Chinese language.
  • PCB Size: 105*72*1.6mm.
  • Installation dimension: 105*85*46mm.
  • Working Voltage: 3V.
  • Batteries not included. Soldering iron and solder etc. not included.

Component Specifications

No. Component Name PCB Marker Parameter Quantity
1 LM393 IC1 DIP-8 1
2 IC Socket IC1 DIP-8 1
3 Electrolytic Capacitor C1,C2 100uF 2
4 Potentiometer R1,R2 103 10K 2
5 Metal Film Resistance R5,R6,R11,R12 51ohm 4
6 Metal Film Resistance R7,R8 1K 2
7 Metal Film Resistance R9,R10 10ohm 2
8 Metal Film Resistance R3,R4 3.3K 2
9 Photoresistor R13,R14 CDS5 2
10 Red LED D1,D2 5mm 2
11 White LED D4,D5 5mm 2
12 S8550 Q1,Q1 TO-92 2
13 Self-Locking switch S1 6*6mm 1
14 DC Motor M1,M2 2
15 Wheel 40mm 2
16 Tires 40mm 2
17 Gaster Screw M5*20mm 1
18 Gaster Nut M5 1
19 Gaster Screw Cap M5 1
20 Cable 6mm 4
21 Battery Case AA*2 1
22 PCB D2-1 105*72*1.6mm 1

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