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  • Dc-Dc Xl4016 300W 20A Converter 1.2-36V Step-Down Buck Power Supply Led Pvm Buck/regulator
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DC-DC XL4016 300W 20A Converter 1.2-36V Step-Down Buck Power Supply LED PVM

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  • 1 Piece.
  • 300W 20A XL4016 Constant Current Adjustable Buck Converter Step-Down Voltage Module.
  • With a wide input voltage range from 6V to 40V, the step-down converter can accurately adjust output voltage and current.
  • The efficiency can be up to 96%, measured at 20A, converting 24V to 12V.
  • It is designed with 75V/80A large current dual MOS tube.
  • Input and output use high frequency low resistance electrolytic capacitor, low ripple, stable output.
  • Wiring is convenient with these large current 30A screw terminals.
  • The buck module has 2 heat sink that could enhance heat dissipation.
  • When there is a big difference between input and output voltage, please decrease power and current.
  • Input Voltage: 6V to 40V DC(10V to 40V is suggested)
  • Output Voltage: 1.2V to 36V DC
  • Output Current: 20A(max.), 15A(suggested)
  • Efficiency: 95%(24V to 12V, 20A)
  • Output Ripple: �������50mV
  • Wiring Method: Terminal
  • Short Circuit Protection: Self-recovery(cannot short circuit for long time)
  • Size: 60 x 53 x 27mm / 2.36 x 2.08 x 1.06"
  • VO+: Output positive
  • VO-: Output negative
  • +IN: Input positive
  • -IN: Input negative
  • CV: Output voltage adjustment
  • CC: Output current adjustment
  • EN: Enable, low voltage level shut off output; suspension, high voltage level is effective
  • When input and output is common grounded, no-load CV output constant voltage,CC output constant current.

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