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  • 3D Christmas Tree LED DIY Kit Red Green Yellow RGB LED Flash Circuit Kit Electronic Fun Suite | Asia Sell
  • Diy Christmas Tree Led Electronic Learning Circuit Kit Rgb Flashing Leds Plug-In Kits - Electronics
  • 3D Christmas Tree LED DIY Kit Red Green Yellow RGB LED Flash Circuit Kit Electronic Fun Suite | Asia Sell
  • 3D Christmas Tree LED DIY Kit Red Green Yellow RGB LED Flash Circuit Kit Electronic Fun Suite | Asia Sell
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DIY Christmas Tree LED Electronic Learning Circuit Kit RGB Flashing LEDs Plug-In Toy

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  • 1 set.
  • 3D Christmas Tree LED Electronic Learning Kit.
  • Instructions: This is intended as an electronics learning kit. It may take some time to complete and is not intended as merely a bang it together toy. There are no instructions. Consider it like a puzzle. You can build it simply by looking at the image of the completed tree, right down to the direction the visible transistors need to be facing. Looking at the positive and negative labels that these transistor ends lead to you can work out the direction the hidden transistors need to face as well. Resistor values are labelled and some resistors are visible in the image. You may need to search for "resistor chart" on the internet and learn the colour coding of resistors in order to identify them correctly. In addition to these instructions, I can link you to a video that discusses how to build it. Yes, you need a soldering iron (and solder etc.). And... Merry Christmas!
  • Note: We also stock this item with a 3xAA battery holder included. If you prefer to have a choice of USB or battery power then please search our store and find that listing.
  • This circuit is composed of 16 pcs LED (light emitting diode). The 16pcs LED divided into four groups, and each group has different flashing frequencies, when four groups flash together, this item looks like a small Christmas tree. The circuit is powered by a 9V battery (not provided).
  • Advantages:
  • This circuit is simple and practical, low power consumption. It uses integrated circuits for driving: fewer parts and the line is simple and easy to understand.
  • External Wiring Kit:
  • With pluggable plug for easy replacement of parts at any time and conducive circuit debugging. Also allows us to deepen our understanding of the principles of the circuit in the debugging process.
  • Board Size:70mm*110mm
  • Supply Voltage: DC 9V.
  • LED Colours: Red/Green/Yellow.
  • Size: 70mm*110mm.
  • Logic ICs.

Oscillation Circuit Working Principals

  1. after the first charge, the capacitor C1 & C4 charging is complete.
  2. capacitors C2 & C3 will continue to charge.
  3. when the transistor Q1 & Q4 is turned on at the same time, it discharges the capacitor C1 & C4.
  4. capacitors C2 & C3 is fully charged, the transistor Q1 & Q4 will be closure, while also charging the capacitor C1 & C4 again.
  5. transistors Q2 & Q3 is turned on while the capacitor C2 & C3 will be discharged.
  6. By analogy, the flash of speed is the oscillation frequency, and the frequency is determined by the resistor R & capacitance C values.

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