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20000 Multi-colour 2-3mm Polyethylene PE Mini Beads Foam Ball Filler Gift

20000 Multi-colour 2-3mm Polyethylene PE Mini Beads Foam Ball Filler Gift


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  • 20000 2-3mm colourful foam balls.
  • Multi-colour Polyethylene PEMini Beads Foam Ball Filler Gift.
  • Material:Polyethylene (PE).
  • Various colours to meet your various needs.
  • This item has been guaranteed by the supplier to be comprised of premium materials instead of doped recycled materials or waste and undergone a rigorous inspection to ensure the balls are non-toxic. The balls are strong and difficult to crush.
  • Early education material: Children DIY handmade material. Kids can create a variety of patterns with the balls, to create a decorative effect showing their personality, to develop children's imaginations.
  • Can be use for packing in gift boxes, as glass bottle fillers or for gift decoration.
  • DIY crafts, gift box fillers, pillow and plush toys fillers, children's early education materials, etc.
  • Rich colours: A total of 12 colours, colourful balls to attract kid's interest, improving their ability to distinguish colour.
  • Note: Please understand that even though there are approximately 20000 beads, 2-3mm is tiny so the bag is not big. Would be enough to fill a pot but not a schooner. Cheers.
  • Warning: Children should use only under close adult supervision.
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