PL2303 PL2303HX USB to UART TTL Cable Module 4p 4 pin RS232 Converter - Asia Sell

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Note: Setting 3.3V and 5.0V output (this is the power to the microcontroller, the need to upgrade the machine) Please pull out the small plate from the computer, set the jumper to take, do not charge it to avoid damage to the device.

Pin connection and description:

Black: Ground

Red: 5V

Green: TXD

White: RXD

Connector pin assignments before you must find, especially GND must not be connected to the voltage pin, and RX and TX side do not connected to the VCC pin, the (actual measurement had some VCC pin voltage up to 14V.) Wrong shall be burnt chip adapter cable, be sure to note, do not take their own small board to do the experiment, otherwise we are not responsible for any burn. We must find a good pin definitions in the access.

Connection method: Again Brush only need three lines, generally used only RX TX GND three signal lines, VCC no connection. The above is 4,5 needles friends, not to VCC and BT needle. Please use the RXD and target board TX phase, TXD and target board RX phase, GND connection GND, if not, were reversed RX and TX.

RX for TX;
TX to RX;
Ground-ground (GND to GND)
USB to serial platelet function:

  1. simple serial communication.
  2. or ADSL router firmware upgrade.
  3. GPS serial communication.
  4. hard drive firmware upgrade.
  5. easy to use, RX received the MCU TX; TX RX received at the MCU connected to ground. Without the need for conversion MAX232.
  6. Super Terminal in use; common serial debugging tools.
  7. upgrade with a variety of satellite machine.
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