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  • Quad Usb Charging Board Dc-Dc Buck Step-Down 8V-35V To 5V 8A 40W 4 Port Buck/regulator
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Quad USB Charging Board DC-DC Buck Step-Down 8V-35V to 5V 8A 40W 4 Port

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  • 1 piece.
  • Quad USB Charging Board DC-DC Buck Step-Down 8V-35V to 5V 8A 40W 4 Port.
  • Supported by 2A current charging. Total output current can reach 8A.
  • The input uses the MOS tube back protection to maximize the conversion efficiency and reduce loss.
  • Output with overvoltage protection, to see the effective protection of the mobile phone.
  • 8-35V ultra wide input voltage, 12V 24V car.
  • The synchronous rectification scheme can effectively reduce the calorific value and improve the efficiency, and the maximum efficiency can reach 96%.
  • Industry advanced flat line large current inductance, low current heat, high conversion efficiency.
  • 4 high quality patch capacitors, and then increase the capacity of MLCC, the output ripple is lower, and the interference is smaller.
  • High quality double layer gold plating USB mouth, life is 2 times as long as ordinary USB.
  • Default output voltage is 5.2V approximately.
  • 54 (long) *39 (wide) *21 (high) mm (including USB).
  • Pin mode:
  • VIN, GND, input positive public OUT positive output.

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