Collection: Wired Battery Holders (120+ items)

Any type of battery holders and spacers that you need, AA,AAA,18650, Coin cell etc., we have it up to sizes 12xAA and 4x18650. Single sided, double sided, circular tube types etc.

Wired battery holders are essential components in many electronic devices, allowing for the easy replacement and maintenance of batteries. They come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate different battery types, including AA, AAA, and CR2032. Some battery holders come with built-in switches to turn the device on and off, while others feature clips to secure the batteries in place. Wired battery holders are commonly used in various applications, including toys, remote controls, flashlights, RC vehicles, robots and more. These holders provide a secure and reliable connection between the batteries and the electronic device, ensuring proper functioning and longevity.

Sample list: 1x18650, 2x18650, 2x26650, 23A, 1xAA, 2xAA, 2xAAA, 4xAA, 8xAA, 9V, CR2025, CR2032, Lithium Cell, 4x18650, 6xAA, 8x1.5V, CR2450, 14500.