Collection: Tapes, Adhesive - Silicon, Fibreglass, Craft & Decoration (20+)

Welcome to our collection of parafilm, silicon, electrical and craft tapes, Adhesive tapes for all your DIY, craft, and repair needs. We have a wide range of options to suit many requirements. Our double-sided transparent mounting adhesive tapes with a thickness of 0.2mm offer a strong hold for phone and tablet repairs and screen mounting. The 1.0mm and thicker double-sided tapes come in a variety of widths and lengths and are waterproof and ideal for high strength requirements such as for auto repairs and other outdoor projects.

If you're a florist or a DIY enthusiast, you'll love our parafilm wedding and floral tapes. They are waterproof and come in blue, green, and red colors, and are perfect for wrapping flower stems or creating craft projects. We also have stretchy floral stem tape that is perfect for wrapping bouquets and flower stamens.

Our plant budding pruning parafilm tree tape roll is perfect for protecting trees, repairing barriers, and grafting. The moisture barrier helps keep the grafts moist, making it easier for them to grow.