Collection: Confetti (10+)

Make your party sparkle with our wide range of confetti decorations! We offer a variety of colors and styles to match any theme. Our collection includes paper, acrylic, and wooden confetti pieces, in shapes like hearts, circles, and stars. Whether you’re looking to scatter confetti on your table, fill balloons, or add some sparkle to your DIY projects, we’ve got you covered.

Our paper confetti options are available in multicolor packs and feature hearts or circles in a variety of sizes. We also offer crystal acrylic diamond confetti in 4.2mm and 4.5mm sizes. For those who prefer wooden accents, we have small wooden stars and love hearts that are perfect for table decoration and scattering. Additionally, our collection includes various fabric and crystal confetti options to add a touch of elegance to your party décor. No matter which type of confetti you choose, our collection is sure to add a fun and festive touch to any celebration!

Wooden, acrylic and fabric confetti from 8mm to 100mm. Various textures, shapes and colours.