Collection: Wooden Shapes - Flat Blank Forms, Numbers, Letters, Animals, 3D Shapes (100+)

Our wooden crafting flat pieces offer a wide range of creative possibilities for various craft projects. Sizes range from 10mm to 100mm. A wide range of flat and coloured natural colour and coloured wooden blank slates in both flat and 3D. A variety of hearts, circles, stars, animals, Christmas trees, snowflakes, angels and the list is endless. They can be used as a canvas to draw and paint on, and they can be carved, glued, inscribed, engraved or anything that your creativity aspires to.

One popular use for the wooden stars and hearts confetti is as table scatter for weddings and other events. These pieces can be mixed with other decorative elements to add a rustic touch to the overall look of the table setting. Additionally, the small sizes of these confetti pieces make them versatile for various other crafts such as card-making, scrapbooking, and even as decorative accents for gift wrapping and scrapbooking.

The selection of wooden letters and numbers also offer limitless creative opportunities for craft enthusiasts. These can be used to personalise and decorate items such as picture frames, wooden signs, and home decor projects. They can be painted in multiple colours to add a pop of color to your projects, or left unpainted for a rustic appeal on a billboard. The wooden musical note shapes can be used to create unique decorations for music lovers or as embellishments for scrapbook pages dedicated to concerts or music festivals.

3D Shapes in the form of spheres, cubes and heaxagonsprovide a natural canvas for creative arts and prop for children's play. All of out flat shapes are laser cut. However, laser cut shapes really come into their element when cuts are made within the outer edge of the shape. Highly intrincate designs are possible with features only a couple of millimeters in width, allowing computer designed models of beauty to sculpt the inner dimensions of a shape.

Lastly, the collection of wooden animals, flowers, and other shapes provide a fun and playful touch to any crafting project. These pieces can be used to create a variety of DIY projects such as mobiles, garlands, and wall art. The wooden snowman and Christmas tree ornaments are great for decorating the tree during the holiday season. 3D coloured bees provide a more interactive aspect to any craft project. The sea animal wooden pieces can be used to create fun scrapbook pages for beach vacations or aquarium trips. The options for creative crafts using these wooden pieces are endless and only limited by one's imagination.