Collection: Felt, Fabric and PU Shapes - Numbers, Letters, Animals, Hearts, Stars - Sewing & Scrapbooking (60+)

Location of Items: Cairns. Same Day Combined Postage. Rock bottom prices.

Great hands on learning can be achieved through the use of number and letter sets for children to learn basic maths, English language skills. They can gain intellectual development through concentration, hand muscle utility, eye coordination, brain spatial development and thinking.

Spelling and vocabulary improvement can be improved by children during manual play using the number, letter, animal, flower and other shapes by creating words, sentences, signage, storybooks and scrapbooks. 

Other shapes include hearts, stars, hands and feet.

Many more items could be considered educational learning items within the DIY Electonics and Mechanical collection, the Crafts and Hobbies Collections. There are also octagonal maths spinners in the Other - Non-Categoried collection. These can be found in the main menu.