Collection: Plastic Eyes for Dolls, Puppets, Plush Toys and Craft (100+)

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A large range of packets and sets of plastic doll and craft eyes for everyone from scrapbooking aficionado to the the reborn doll hobbyist.

Safety eyes consist of either a flat or half round plastic eyeball, often pure black, with a screw backing that goes through the toy and a flexible plastic washer type ring is pushed over the screw backing and it locks onto the washer. These are ideal for puppets, thin dolls and figurines. 

Shank eyes consist of a loop to tie thread through which makes them great for plush toys.

Spiked/pin eyes have a plastic spike or pin are ideal for gluing and inserting into foam, playdough or similar solid by penetrable substrates. 

Flat backed eyes are great for gluing onto surfaces such as paper, cardboard, scrapbook pages, figurines and for decorating all manner of art

Joggle eyes, or googly eyes have a moving pupil inside of a clear covering dome so that the eyes rattle and move around. 

Fish eyes are very shiny and also great for figurines and crafts, being very flat and able to be stuck onto surfaces and pages with their sticky backing. These are a thin (approx 0.5-3mm size dependent) flexible plastic.