Collection: Learning and Education (60+)

Location of Items: Cairns. Same Day Combined Postage. Rock bottom prices.

Great hands on learning toys for children to learn basic maths, English, electronics and gain intellectual development through concentration, hand muscle utility, eye coordination, brain spatial development and thinking. Use clues to solve the problems. Electronics and mechanical build kits for cars, solar cars, line following vehicles, trick toys, pulley combination motor generator, mini solar concentrator, octagonal maths spinner similar to a number cube and pH indicator strips.

For adults there are some electronics projects that require extensive soldering, including a rather complex DIY blinking LED mini Christmas tree construction kit, DIY LED clock display, a mini strobe kit, a fun doorbell kit, a funny voice modification kit and Arduino compatible starter kits and sensor kits.

Many more items could be considered educational learning items within the crafts and hobbies collections located in the main menu.