20pcs 16mm Eyeballs Glass Dolls Eyes Eye Balls Crafts DIY

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  • 20 Pieces.
  • 16mm Eyeballs Glass Dolls Eyes Eye Balls Crafts DIY.
  • Size: 16mm (actual size is around 15.7-15.9mm).
  • Material: Glass.
  • Self-adhesive: No.
  • On the back is a photographic paper. Use your creativity here. Use thick or thin double sided tape. Ask us to include some if you would like. Use superglue. Use superglue or epoxy to attach a hook of some sort to tie a string on for teddy's eyes etc. A tiny amount of glue should not damage the photographic paper.
  • Product Name: Glass Doll Eyes.
  • Suitable: Suitable For DIY Scrapbooking Crafts, dolls, figurines, arts.
  • Colour: Mixed.
  • Colours may vary to picture.
  • Note: Each packet contains all pairs, or mostly pairs. Packets vary but there is enough variation so that you will not get more than 4 of the same eyes. You might get say 4 pink eyes max (or no pink eyes).

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Thanks a perfect

Good quality eyes with excellent transport.Thank you