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26pcs Shaft Gear Plastic Spindle Worm Motor Gears Sleeves 2/2.3/3/3.17/4mm Car

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  • 9 pcsx White Spindle Gears.
  • 4 pcs x Blue Spindle Gears.
  • 2 pcs x Worms.
  • 1 pcs x Bevel Gear.
  • 10 pcs x Shaft Sleeves.
  • Aircraft, automobiles, boats and robots usually require spindlegears. Here we provide 26pcsspindlegears of different sizes and sleeves which may meet your basic needs for model making. They are also good replacement parts of old or broken gears.
  • Made of high quality plastic for a long service life.
  • The products are for toysspindlegear spare parts, suitable for DIY model technology production.
  • Small parts, easy to use, great model making accessories for all kinds of cars, robots, etc.
  • This is thespindlegear set including many kinds of gear parts. It can meet your DIY needs.
  • Mainly used in the coreless motors, and all 2mm motors, such as 2.3mm circular shaft motors, 3mm D shaft gear motors, 4mm Dshaftgear motors, etc.
  • Material: Plastic
  • Modulus: 0.5
  • Spindle Gears:
  • White: 80.8A, 81A, 81.5A, 82A, 102A, 122A, 132A, 142A, 182A(9pcs)
  • Blue: 153AD, 152.3A, 15.317A, 154AD(4pcs)
  • Worm Gears: 6*62A, 6*82A(2pcs)
  • Bevel Gear:S162A(1pc)
  • Shaft Sleeves: 2mm(10pcs)
  • Weight: 4g(approx.)
  • Gear Diameter=(Teeth number+2) x 0.5
  • e.g. 81.5A
  • 8represents 8 teeth,Gear Diameter=(8+2) x 0.5=5mm
  • 1.5A represents close-fitting with 1.5mm shaft.
  • e.g. 153AD
  • 15 represents 15 teeth,Gear Diameter=(15+2) x 0.5=8.5mm
  • 3ADrepresents close-fitting with 3mm D shaft.

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