5x 3mm 12V Wired LEDs RGB Fast Flash or Slow Flash LED Bezels Holders Surrounds

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  • 5 pieces wired RGB LEDs including metal bezels.
  • 3mm 12V Fast Flash or Slow Flash with Holders/Surrounds.
  • Round Through-Hole 12V Wired LEDs 3mm.
  • 8000MCD brightness.
  • Transparent LED shell means no filtering of certain shades, which allows more light to pass.
  • Cable length 20cm.
  • Quality Metal Bezels Included.
  • Please note: we have more than the listed quantities in stock. Please ask.
  • Note: plastic inserts are not required (and can't be used) when using these surrounds with wired leds. Plastic insertscan be used for non-wired LEDs and we supply them when purchasing bezels on their own. If you want some plastic inserts as well then please let us know.

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