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  • 5X 3Mm 12V Wired Leds Metal Holder Bezel White Blue Green Uv Red Yellow Pink Led -
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5x 3mm 12V Wired LEDs Metal Holder Bezel White Blue Green UV Red Yellow Pink LED

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  • 5 pcs wired LEDs.
  • 5 pcs metal LED holders/bezels/surrounds.
  • 5 pcs plastic holder inserts with LED leg holes (only required for non-wired LEDs).
  • 5x 3mm 12V Wired LEDs Metal Holder Bezel White Blue Green UV Red Yellow Pink LED.
  • Round Through-Hole 12V Wired LEDs 3mm.
  • 8000MCD brightness.
  • Transparent LED shell means no filtering of certain shades, which allows more light to pass.
  • Cable length 20cm.
  • Note: plastic inserts are not required (and can't be used) when using these surrounds with wired LEDs. Plastic inserts can be used for non-wired LEDs and we supply them when purchasing bezels on their own. If you want some plastic inserts as well then please let us know.
  • Thread diameter (width below rim): 5.6mm.
  • Rim diameter: 7.1mm approx.

Two ways to insert LED:

  • 1/ For a slight protrusion of the LED past the casing: Insert the LED through the front of the holder, gently squeezing the resistor through.
  • 2/ For the LED to be inside the casing: Insert the wired LEDs into the holder from the base.
  • Either way, the LED pushes into a loosely fixed position. Optional, add hot glue or cement to avoid the LED being pushed in or pulled out. Wipe off the excess before it sets to allow for proper mounting. Note that this would be unlikely due to the tiny size of the led and holder. Message me if you would like it done for a fee.
  • Note: In the pictures the white LED is powered on just 2x1.5V batteries.
  • Please note: we have more than the listed quantities in stock. Please ask.
  • Note: The UV LEDs emit UV radiation and some purple colour. Use eyewear with a UV filter.

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