Plastic Gear Set Car Kits Motor Gearbox Reduction Model Drive Robot Kit

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  • 1 set (choose set above).

Description for A

  • Plastic Gear Set Car Kits Motor Gearbox Reduction Model Drive Robot Kit.
  • 19 Sizes Double Layer Plastic Gears Robot DIY Reduction Gear Motor 16T-50T Teeth.
  • The sets contain at least 19 piecesThe largest gear is 26mm.
  • Model numbers: 16102B, 18102A, 20082B, 20102B, 22082A, 22102B, 24102B, 24122B, 26082B, 28102B, 30122B, 30162A, 32082B, 34102B, 38082B, 40102B, 46082A, 48102B, 50102A.

    Description for B

    • 75pcs Plastic Crown Single Double Worm Gear Belt Pulley DIY Tool Set Mayitr.
    • The largest gear is 29mmPulley length is 126mm.
    • 75pcs of gear that can match each other, all combined into gears, these gears are suitable for shafts.
    • Containing worm, straight teeth, shaft gear, the tooth crown, the double reduction gear.
    • DIY science and small production, product design, mechanical model.
    • Spindle straight tooth : 9 kinds (each one).
    • Crown gear: 11 kinds (each one).
    • Single gear: 12 kinds (each one).
    • Double gear: 19 kinds (each one).
    • Belt pulley: 7 kinds (each one).
    • Worm: 2 kinds (each one).
    • Connecting rack: 2x.
    • Axle sleeve: 6x.
    • Tee collar: 1x.
    • Gear-B: 1x.
    • Rubber band (belt): 5 kinds (each one).

      Description for C

      • 64 Kinds Plastic Shaft Single Double Layer Crown Worm Gears Cog Wheels M0.5 for Robot DIY Necessary.
      • The wheel size is 30mm.

        Description for D

        • 77pcs Plastic Gear Motor Gearbox Model Craft DIY Four-wheel Drive Car Auto Robot Children Rack Pulley Belt Scientific Experiment.
        • The wheel size is.
        • The pulley length is 126mm.

          Description for E

          • 64 types of gears.
          • 64pcs of gears that can all mesh with each other.
          • Suitable for shafts.
          • Contains worms, straight teeths, shaft gears, tooth crowns, double reduction gears.
          • For DIY science and small production, product design and mechanical models.
          • 9 types of Spindle gear.
          • 11 types of Crown gear.
          • 12 types of Single gear.
          • 19 types of Double gear.
          • 7 types of Belt pulley.
          • 2 types of Worm gear.
          • 2pcs Connect rack.
          • 1pcs Tee Axle Sleeve.
          • 1pcs Bevel gear.
          • The largest gear is 29mm.

            Description for F

            • 60pcs Plastic Gear Set Rack Pulley Belt Worm Single Double Gears For Robot Motor DIY.
            • The largest gear is.
            • The pulley length is 126mm.

            Description for G

            • 81pcs 0.5 Shaft Hole Assorted Teeth Plastic Gear Wheel for Toy Car Motor Shaft Model Crafts.
            • Aperture diametres: 0.8/1/1.9/2.05/2.55/3

              Description for H

              • 59pcs
              • 58 styles Toothed Wheels WSFS Gears Plastic All Module 0.5 Robot Parts DIY
              • A-Means tight set (will be small 0.05mm than the default).
              • B-Means loose play (will be 0.05mm higher than the Standard)
              • Gear Diameter: (Teeth + 2) * Module = Gear Diameter
              • Module: 0.5
              • Shaft Gear (9 styles): 8-1.5A 9-2A 8-2A-10 10-2A 14-2A 12-2A 16-2A 18-2.5A 18-3A
              • Crown of tooth (10 styles): C20-2.5A C20-C20 2a-3a C2410-C2410 C2410-2B C2810-2B C28-C30-2A C3010-2B C30-3A C3610-2B
              • Gear Single (18 styles): 20-2A 26-2A 24-2.5A 28-2A 30-2A 36-2A 38-2A 38-3A 40-2A 42-2A 44-2A 44-2.5A 46-2.5A 46 -48-2A-3A 52-2.5A 56-2A 56-3A
              • Double gear (18 styles): 1810-2A 4812-2.5A 2210-2B 2410-2B 2610-2B 2808-2B 4610-2B 2810-2B 3010-2B 3210-2B 3212-2B 3412-2B 3610-2B 3808-2B 4410-2B 4810-2B 5010-2B 5610-2A
              • Worm Gear (2 styles): 6 * 6-2A 6 * 8-2A
              • Gear pulley (1 styles): 6 * 6-2A
              • Size:
              • Aperture 1.5/2/2.5/3

              Description for I

              • 43 varieties, a total of 51! Including single-layer gears, double-layer gears, crown gears, main shaft gears, worm gears, and many types of pulleys, belts, racks, etc., it is more attractive than the original 34 kinds!
              • All gears in the matching package have 2mm tight fit, 2mm loose fit, 2.5mm and 3mm. (A means tight fitting, B means loose fitting)
              • Gear description: total weight about 45 grams
              • 9 types of single-layer gears:
              • 82A 102A (three kinds of white, yellow and blue) 122A 142A 162A 182A 202A
              • Four types of crown gears:
              • C282A C20082A C30102B C24102B
              • 11 types of single-layer gears:
              • 1202A 902A 303A 183A 482A 422. 562A 242A 302A 302. 322A
              • 7 types of double-layer gears:
              • 32082B 26082B 24102B 30162A 46082A 20102B 22082A
              • 7 types of pulleys:
              • 62A 5.82A 9.32A 182A 16.82A red 242AB green 302A
              • There are 4 types of worm, shaft sleeve and rack:
              • W6 * 72A W6 * 102A Tee bushing, rack (2 pcs)
              • 1 rubber band (four models):
              • Black (2), Blue (2), Red (2) Transparent (2)

              Description for J

              • Gear(4 Kinds): 28-tooth , 21-tooth , 15-tooth , 12-tooth
              • Worm Gear(3 Kinds): 6-6, 6-7, 6-8
              • Blue Spindle(4 Kinds): D hole 3, 4mm hole, round hole 2.3, 3.17mm hole spindle
              • Large Pulley(1 Kind): 363A2AB pulley
              • Gear(2 Kinds): 163A straight teeth, 263B gear
              • Three 3-way (blue, green, yellow), one 4-way
              • Long Spindle Gear(1 Kind): 102A long
              • Package List:
              • 4 x Gear
              • 3 x Worm Gear
              • 4 x Blue Spindle
              • 1 x Large Pulley
              • 2 x Gear
              • 4 x Colourful Shaft Sleeve
              • 1 x Long Spindle Gear
              • 1 x Copper Gear
              • 1 x Bevel gear
              • 1 x Rack
              • 3 x Shaft Sleeve
              • 3 x Belt
              • 19 x Double-Layer Gear
              • 8 x Spindle Gear
              • 4 x Pulley
              • 15 x Single-Layer Gear
              • 14 x Crown Gear

              Description for K

              • Brief description of single motor gear package: All models have a hole diameter of 2mm.
              • 130 RPM motor.
              • Axle 1 type: 80mm 2.
              • 1 kind of wheel: 40mm 4.
              • Single-layer gear: 10 types, large model is 802A.
              • Main shaft gear: 11 kinds, large model is 182A.
              • Double-layer gear: 12 kinds, large model is 46082A.
              • Pulley: 7 types, large model is 242A.
              • Crown gear: 9 kinds, the large model is C323A.
              • Bracket: 130 iron bracket 1.
              • Propeller: 56mm four leaves.
              • Belt: 4 kinds.
              • Bushing: 1 kind.
              • Worm: 2 kinds.
              • Umbrella: 1 kind.

              Customer Reviews

              Based on 31 reviews
              Good parts

              Large variety of gears in the kit. Ideal for what I required.

              NPS score:
              Likes: Speed of supply, range of components
              Improvements: Think about a suitable cage, and numbers of axles
              NPS score:
              Likes: Speed of supply, range of components
              Improvements: Think about a suitable cage, and numbers of axles
              Good quality, but too few duplicates: for many purposes you will need 2-3 sets.

              Huge range in each set, but when symmetry is required, you with need more than one set: some sets have no duplicates, some have two of each size/type.
              Also, bear in mind that you will need axles and a cage to hold them. The plates supplied in some kits won't do the job, as the hole spacings are unsuitable for most designs.

              Thanks for the feedback. We sorted out a small custom set a while back.

              Fast shipping and helpful seller ?? Excellent seller !

              All good. Thanks.

              Great Item arrived on time and as described

              Great service

              Great item. awsome seller . great to deal with . highly recomended , item perfect .

              fast postage