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  • Plastic Gear Set Single-Layer Gears Double-Layer Crown Main Shaft Worm Pulleys Belts Racks Kits -
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Plastic Gear Set Single-Layer Gears, Double-Layer Gears, Crown Gears Main Shaft Gears Worm Gears Pulleys, Belts Racks

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  • 43 varieties, a total of 51! Including single-layer gears, double-layer gears, crown gears, main shaft gears, worm gears, and many types of pulleys, belts, racks, etc., it is more attractive than the original 34 kinds!
  • All gears in the matching package have 2mm tight fit, 2mm loose fit, 2.5mm and 3mm. (A means tight fitting, B means loose fitting)
  • Gear description: total weight about 45 grams
  • 9 types of single-layer gears:
  • 82A 102A (three kinds of white, yellow and blue) 122A 142A 162A 182A 202A
  • Four types of crown gears:
  • C282A C20082A C30102B C24102B
  • 11 types of single-layer gears:
  • 1202A 902A 303A 183A 482A 422. 562A 242A 302A 302. 322A
  • 7 types of double-layer gears:
  • 32082B 26082B 24102B 30162A 46082A 20102B 22082A
  • 7 types of pulleys:
  • 62A 5.82A 9.32A 182A 16.82A red 242AB green 302A
  • There are 4 types of worm, shaft sleeve and rack:
  • W6 * 72A W6 * 102A Tee bushing, rack (2 pieces)
  • 1 rubber band (four models):
  • Black (2), Blue (2), Red (2) Transparent (2)

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