Collection: Barley Paper and Nickel Strips (15+)

Nickel plated strips and barley insulated paper and pads are two essential components used in electronic devices. Nickel plated strips are highly conductive and are often used in electrical connections and battery terminals. The nickel coating provides resistance to corrosion and wear, ensuring that they maintain their conductivity over time. Barley insulated paper and pads, on the other hand, are used as insulators between electronic components to prevent short circuits. They are made from a combination of barley and paper, which gives them excellent insulating properties. These materials are commonly used in the construction of transformers, capacitors, and other electronic devices.

Whether you need a solid sheet of barley paper or circles for your 18650 battery pack, this collection has you covered. The insulation gaskets are available in various quantities, ranging from 18 to 1000 pieces, making it easy to order the exact amount you need for your project. In addition to the barley paper insulation gaskets, this collection also includes nickel-plated steel strips for spot welding the cells together. These strips come in a range of thicknesses, from 0.1mm to 0.2mm, and can be ordered in lengths of 1m or 10m.

For those looking for a more precise solution, the collection includes 120mm x 1m insulation pads specifically designed for 18650 batteries.

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