Collection: Heat Sinks, Compounds, Pads (30+)

Heat sinks are applied to anything that requires effective heat dissipation, such as in electronic projects, appliances, high-powered LEDs, TO-220 transistors and hand-held devices and anything that dissipates heat. They are ideally used in combination with a small fan or where there is air flow.

This collection features small to medium sized aluminium heat sinks, with or without anodisation and with or without adhesive sticky pads. The anodised layer is hard, durable, and corrosion-resistant. The black anodised finish on a heat sink can help to improve its thermal performance by increasing its emissivity. The collection also consists of thermal pads and hard set plaster thermal glue paste. Whether you're building a small electronic gadget or a larger project, this collection has the heat sinks you need to keep your devices running at optimal performance.