Collection: LEDs, Extension Cables, Strip Connectors, Bezels (130+)

LEDs from 3mm to 10mm and from 3V to 12V, pre-wired or fixed prong, in the full spectrum of traditional colours such as white, green, blue, red and yellow all the way to purple, UV, pink, orange, fast flash and slow flash RGB. LEDs can be clear, colour frosted to emit more precisely at the specific colour. Frosted LEDs also reduce glare when looking directly at the LEDs. The 12V LEDs are pre-wired with a resistor in place.

LED bezels are surrounds that enable panel mounting in car dashboards or your other electronic projects. They come in chrome metal, chrome coated plastic or black plastic in a variety of styles.

LED extension cables can allow you to position your LED Strip lights from the power supply with the use of a 12V cable that is much thinner than a 240V cable and can fit under places and be consealed more conveniently. Choose black or white to maximise the non-intrusiveness.

LED splitter cables can allow you to run multiple strip lights from the one power supply.

LED project kits include LEDs with color-changing, voice-activated, voice control, strobing, rotating, water sensor, heart shaped breathing lamp and so on. Each kit offers a unique opportunity to explore the different typles of LED technology, such as soldering, as well as brightness, color and circuit control.